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The ABT Supervision Program For Aspiring BCBAs

Participants in the Above and Beyond Supervision and Practicum Program gain practical knowledge about what it takes to be a successful BCBA, in accordance with the BACB Experience standards.

Participants of our supervision program are paid for the restricted (direct) hours that are included in their Behavior Therapist responsibilities.

Through hands-on learning and real-life experiences, the program equips students with the tools and skills necessary to successfully launch their careers.

Students fulfill the unrestricted hours requirement set forth by the BACB in a variety of ways:

Pair with experienced BCBAs and receive a comprehensive supervision experience.
Work with a variety of learner profiles and client cases.
Learn how to administer assessments and write treatment plans.
Conduct meetings with parents and provide useful feedback.
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The RBT must be enrolled in graduate-level ABA course.
The RBT must be an Active employee at Above and Beyond Therapy, while providing direct services for at least 30 days.
The RBT must have 1 year of experience working within the field of ABA or with children with Autism.

With Our Mentoring, Guidance, And Hands-On Training, You Will Confidently Embark On Your Own Successful Career Path.

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Advance Your Career By Becoming An RBT

Earning your RBT credential is a great way to advance your career as an Applied Behavior Analyst. Our dedicated team will assist you in fulfilling your requirements to facilitate your professional and personal growth.

professional development

Who Is An RBT?

An RBT is a Paraprofessional who provides one on one direct care to clients, and implements the behavior-analytic care plan designed by the supervising BCBA.

What Do RBTs Do?

RBTs have the opportunity for growth and development of behavior analytic skills under the BCBA’s supervision. Although RBTs do not design intervention or assessment plans, they are actively involved in the treatment plan implementation and progress of each child that they work with.

Become An RBT In 3 Simple Steps:

Complete A Self- Paced 40-Hour Online Course

The training period, which can be completed in 5-180 days, covers various topics concerning the 1:1 therapy, including:

* Introduction to and importance of ABA
*Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
*Natural Environment Teaching (NET)
*Prompting and Reinforcers
*How to identify and generalize behaviors while working to decrease them.

Complete A Skills Competency Assessment

A BCBA reviews the course information in greater detail and ensures that the RBT applicant has a clear understanding of the ABA techniques. The hands-on assessment requires the applicant to demonstrate a variety of skills with a “client.” When completed, our RBT Supervisor will sign all documents that the applicant is required to upload and submit to the BACB Gateway for approval.

Take The RBT Test

The RBT Exam consists of 85 questions, which include 10 pilot questions that are unscored. RBT applicants have 90 minutes to complete the exam via a proctored Zoom call or at a Pearson testing center. Score reports (pass or fail) are given immediately after completing the exam. The exam can be taken up to 7 times in a one-year period.

RBT Credentials Require Annual Recertification. As Long As You Are Employed At Above And Beyond Therapy, We Will Assist With All That Is Required To Maintain Your RBT Credential, Excluding Recertification Fees.

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